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Why am I seeing strange phrases in my Batch Translator?

Sometimes you may see some phrases appearing on your Batch Translator that are not part of your website. These occur when visitors land on your site using third-party applications or browser extensions that translate your content separate to Localizer. Localizer will recognize and index this translated content in the same way as it would when you add new content to your site.

The majority of such apps and extensions have been blocked, but some sneak through from time to time. If you do notice any, follow the steps below to clear them:

1Login to your Localizer account, go to your Batch Translator tab and make sure you're on the Untranslated Phrases option in the drop-down menu.


2Tick the box beside all phrases that you would like to get rid of and then click the Ignore icon. 


3Click the Ignore button on the next screen to complete the process.

We are currently working on a fix to ensure none of these phrases slip through.

If you find any, please contact us so we can block similar apps or browser extensions in the future.