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Which is the best translation option to use?

The best translation option for you depends on what your business requirements are. Things such as time-frame, content importance, the volume of content and budget all need to be considered when selecting a translation option. 

Localizer offers three different translation options to cater for all of your needs:

1. Machine translation

A machine translation is instant and translates your content directly to the language you've selected. Unlike a professional translation, it doesn't provide things such as context or tone of voice. A machine translation doesn't offer the highest quality but is a cheaper option than a professional translation. We would recommend this option if you need your content translated right away, or if it doesn't require much context e.g. glossaries, indexes, internal material and first drafts. We do not recommend this option for translating sensitive or important content.

2. Professional translation

With this option, your content will be translated by our network of over 18,000 professional translators. Your translators will also be in constant contact with you, so as to tweak the content to your needs. Professional translation offers higher quality, SEO-friendly translations and you are provided with the option of a hybrid, standard or a business translation. We would recommend professional translation to get the highest quality, but particularly in cases of sensitive or important content that is going o be seen by a big audience. Depending on the size of your website, a professional translation can take up to 48 hours but typically takes less than two

3. D.I.Y. (self) translation

D.I.Y. translation is also an option when you use Localizer, where you are allowed to translate specific pieces of content yourself. We would recommend this option if you do not have a large amount of content to translate, or if you have capable in-house translators that can do this for you. This option will not cost any credits but is the most time-consuming of the three options.