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How can I change the format of numbers on my website?

We do not recommend changing the format of any numbers manually. Localizer handles numbers dynamically and changing one will change the format of all others across that language domain. However, if you do wish to change them manually you can do so by following the steps below:

1Login to your Localizer account and navigate to the Batch Translator tab, locate the number you want to change and click the pencil icon to edit.


2To keep the numbers from changing dynamically use the format below, where [[[1]]] denotes the first number in the date and [[[2]]] denotes the second. A third number would be represented by [[[3]]]. Click Save once completed.

The above date will then display as something like "1st mars 2017" and the numbers will change dynamically to match the date. For example, if the original text was 17th March 2017, the translated text would read "17th mars 2017".

However, if you entered the text as below without the brackets, then all dates would change to match this and would not change dynamically. In this case, every date would display as "1 mars 2017".