How much do machine translations cost?

Machine translations cost $0.08 per 400 words. However, this cost is only incurred if you decide to machine translate in bulk as shown below: To use machine translation on phrases one-by-one is free but can be time consuming. This is done by selecting the translate button on each phrase.

How long do translations take?

Machine Translations Machine translations are almost instant. The speed depends on the amount of content you are translating at any given time. If you are translating just a few pages, then it should take place straight away. If you are translating your entire website, this may take longer but should be completed in under five minutes depending on website size and connection speed. Professional Translations Professional translations generally take about 2 hours but can take up to 2 days to c...

How does Localizer find my content?

Once the Localizer code has been added to your website (https://www.localizer.co/support/491029-How-do-I-integrate-Localizer-to-my-website), it starts indexing your content every time a page is visited. If you or a website visitor land on any page, Localizer will detect all translatable phrases on that page and add them to the Batch Translator of your Localizer account. Please note that unless a page is visited, the content from that page will not be detected and indexed by Localizer. You ...

Can I replace images on the translated version of my site?

Yes, with Localizer you can replace images on the translated version of your site. This is particularly useful if you would like to display a translated logo or image with text to different audiences. First, you need to create an image with a URL attached to it. One way to do this is by uploading the image to your current Content Management System and copying the URL from there. In order for this to work, your URL will have to be from a secure source (HTTPS not HTTP). Once your image is ready,...

How can I change the format of numbers on my website?

We do not recommend changing the format of any numbers manually. Localizer handles numbers dynamically (https://www.localizer.co/support/296042-What-happens-to-numbers-when-translating-my-content) and changing one will change the format of all others across that language domain. However, if you do wish to change them manually you can do so by following the steps below: 1Login to your Localizer account and navigate to the Batch Translator tab, locate the number you want to change and click the...

Why am I seeing strange phrases in my Batch Translator?

Sometimes you may see some phrases appearing on your Batch Translator that are not part of your website. These occur when visitors land on your site using third-party applications or browser extensions that translate your content separate to Localizer. Localizer will recognize and index this translated content in the same way as it would when you add new content to your site. The majority of such apps and extensions have been blocked, but some sneak through from time to time. If you do notice a...

How do I set up a subdomain for my new language?

The SEO features on Localizer's Plus and Business plans (https://www.localizer.co/g/1258584/pricing.html) allow you to set up a new subdomain for each new language you add. These enable all of your translations to be search engine friendly and target specific countries. You will need to have access to the subdomain via your CMS. After that, it is as simple as the steps below: 1Login to your Localizer account, go to your Batch Translator and click on the Settings link beside your chosen lang...

Which is the best translation option to use?

The best translation option for you depends on what your business requirements are. Things such as time-frame, content importance, the volume of content and budget all need to be considered when selecting a translation option. Localizer offers three different translation options to cater for all of your needs: 1. Machine translation A machine translation is instant and translates your content directly to the language you've selected. Unlike a professional translation, it doesn't provide thin...

How good is Localizer’s human translation?

We get asked all the time about the different types of translation Localizer caters for, but the question we get asked the most is around our human translation service: _“How good is your human translation?”_ The answer is pretty straightforward – _really good_! So how do we make sure it stays that way? In a nutshell, Localizer ensures that your content is given as much attention as it needs from a dedicated professional translator, providing you with the best quality translation that re...

How do I report a bug?

You can report a bug by submitting a ticket (http://support.localizer.co/index.php?type=submit_ticket) for our support team to review. If you submit a ticket, you can check the status of your ticket by visiting My tickets (http://support.localizer.co/index.php?type=my_tickets).

How do I make a suggestion to Localizer?

You can quickly and easily make a suggestion to Localizer by navigating to the Contact tab (https://www.localizer.co/g/1239714/contact.html) on our website. From there you can start a live chat or send us an email. Either way, a member of our team will review your suggestion and get back to you in due course.

Is there a limit to the number of accounts I can add to my team?

Once you have selected a plan that allows you to add accounts for your team members, there is no limit to the number of accounts you can add. Please note that the ability to add team members is available on our Business and Enterprise plans only. To learn how to add members to your team, click here (http://support.localizer.co/index.php?type=page&urlcode=650714&title=How-do-I-add-users-to-my-team).

How long does it take for my translation to show?

Translated content starts showing instantly! However, the actual time of translation will differ, depending on the type of translation you select. Machine Translation is usually visible in under a minute. Depending on the amount of content, Professional Translation can take up to 48 hours but is usually visible after 2 hours. DIY Translation, takes as long as you, or your in-house translator, is able to complete it. Learn more about each of these options by clicking here (http://support.lo...

How much do translations cost?

Localizer offers three types of translation, and our professional translation comes with three levels. * Machine Translation: $0.08 per 400 words. * Professional Translation: * Hybrid- $0.03 per word. * Standard- $0.08 per word. * Business- $0.11 per word. * D.I.Y. Translation: Free of charge. Click here (http://support.localizer.co/index.php?type=page&urlcode=692411&title=Which-is-the-best-translation-option-to-use) to learn more about the benefits of each option.

Which browsers does Localizer support?

Localizer supports all browsers, which work perfectly for activities such as setting up automated tasks or standard translations. However, we recommend using Google Chrome if you are making changes via the Visual Editor as it offers greater stability with Localizer than other browsers.

If I need help where do I go?

Should you have any questions, you can visit the Localizer Support Portal (http://support.localizer.co/) for help. You can access the support portal from you account at any time by selecting Help in the top right of your Localizer page and selecting Visit Support Portal on the pop-up menu. The Support Portal includes the following categories: * Knowledgebase: Provides general information about the functions and features of the Localizer platform * FAQs: Addresses any frequently aske...

What is SEO friendly localization?

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) friendly localization is a translation that keeps your website organically visible to major search engines. Many online businesses go to extreme effort to ensure they are organically visible to major search engines, which is why Localizer offers basic and advanced features that keep your website visible to a global audience, even after it has been translated. Localizer has the ability to serve localized content under a new domain or sub-domain (https://www.local...

Will Localizer translate my whole site automatically?

Yes. You can get your whole website translated with the click of a button on the Batch Translator in the Localizer admin panel. Check you have selected Untranslated Phrases on the translations drop-down menu and tick Select All and choose your translation method (https://www.localizer.co/support/692411-Which-is-the-best-translation-option-to-use). If you add new content to your site, or modify translated content (https://www.localizer.co/support/593446-I-changed-my-content-and-some...

How accurate is your machine translation?

Localizer uses Google Translate for machine translations so it's as accurate as a dictionary. It translates words correctly, but its understanding of context is not great. We recommend using machine translations for first drafts, internal documents or any text that does not require a depth of understanding such as appendixes, glossaries and indexes. For higher levels of accuracy and understanding of context, we recommend our professional translation service. Click here (https://www.localizer...

Are there any limitations on the size of my website?

There are no size or translation limitations. You can use it for unlimited content!

Can I do the translations myself?

Absolutely. Go to the Batch Translator to edit your own translations and select the pencil icon next to the phrases to edit them one by one. You can also perform DIY translations on phrases using the Visual Translator. Select edit mode and click on highlighted phrase boxes to translate them. Alternatively, you are able to order professional or machine translations for your entire website in just a few clicks (https://www.localizer.co/support/993144-How-do-I-begin-translating).

Why do I pay for page views?

The number of page views is directly correlated to the load on Localizer's platform. Every time a page on your website is visited, Localizer extracts, indexes, and updates your phrases, replacing translated content in real time if necessary. So the more hits your page gets, the more our system works for you, to continually provide dynamic and up-to-date content translation.

What happens after I have reached my limit of page views for my plan?

If you reach your plans page view limits you will be charged for the additional page views. To view the cost for additional page views please visit http://localizer.co/g/1258584/pricing.html.